Saturday, 10 December 2011

fiveS time! ! !


yesterday was a great day for me and 4 others besties!
we hang out and have some lunch at pizza hut bintulu of course.
Dayang was a bit late but alhamdulillah she can
joined us..
me, Iecha and Aina first went for Zohor prayer
and made Fatin wait at the pizza!
when we arrived in front of the pizza restaurant,
Fatin suddenly went towards us...
"kol 2 janji takrang!!!!!!!"
something like that , i forgot.. hehe!
but, we enjoy ate cheezy pizza, seven up drinks,
mushroom soups and a lunch platter..
Dayang arrived and enjoy her favourite lasagna...
wah! me first spell lasagna as lasagna not lasagnia..
haha.. same as Fatin..

then, we went to bintulu waterfront...
we chit chat about our meaningful challenge!
that's was a brilliant idea from Iecha!
komawoshimnida chingu!!
we had a good times together..
i'll appreciate it..
and, every time we meet, i'll never forget
what has happen!

that's all i wanna share!
saranghae chingu!!

Mordhiati a.k.a Lee Minho
Nazatulnisa a.k.a Kim Hyun Joong
Fatin a.k.a Yoseob
Eymah(me) a.k.a Kim Myungsoo (L)
And last but not least the only
Aina a.k.a Nazmi Faiz

haha! juz for fun! ^^

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